Concerned to all AGUILAR & SALAS GRUOP’s employers, clients, suppliers and collaborators :

Integrity and Ethics are two major assets of AGUILAR & SALAS GROUP. All our collaborators and stakeholders must work together in protecting these values. In this sense, our Board of Directors has established a Code of Conduct to help us all to comply with the law and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. The Code does not cover all problems which can appear, but it establishes mains basements and a methodology that will help in the achievement of these commons targets. The reputation of the Group remains and grows or diminishes because of one’s decisions, actions and sense of ethical business.

Please read carefully this document, understand its content and then apply principles declared in your daily activity. If you find yourself in a situation you believe you can violate or can cause this code’s violation, follow procedure described in it.

As you know, our reputation is an integral part of our success, and this is based on our daily actions. Your performance in conducting our business in a manner consistent with the principles contained in the Code allows us to maintain and enhance that reputation.

Thank you very much.

Manuel Salas
Director General • General Manager


Aguilar y Salas, s.a.
Pol. Industrial Pla de Llerona. c/ Irlanda, s/n.
08520 Les Franqueses del Vallés, Barcelona (Spain)
tel. +34 93 861 70 70
fax: +34 93 840 04 90

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Aguilar y Salas, s.a. | S.A. Registro Mercantil Barcelona (Spain), Tomo 991, Libro 486, Folio 49, Hoja 5312, Inscripción 2a | Entidad Jurídica A/08-102410

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