Aguilar y Salas, s.a. was incorporated in 1947. It is a 100% Spanish capital Company, specialized in the design and construction of equipment for the refineries, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, fine-synthesis chemical among others.

During these years, the Company's growth has never stopped and has brought us in 1998, to move to one of the most up-to-date and complete facilities in our line.

The application of the most advanced manufacturing technologies, coupled with over 63 years of experience as stainless steel and special metal boiler forgers, allows us to offer quality products designed in accordance with the major international design codes which meet the strictest security standards.

  • 1947: Aguilar y Salas begins its activities as manufacture and designer of stainless steel equipments.
  • 1964: Aguilar y Salas moves to Barcelona to a larger workshop 3500 m2. (37500 sq ft)
  • 1975: Aguilar y Salas starts manufacturing equipments made out of titanium, nickel, special alloys and other materials.
  • 1977: Aguilar y Salas exports its first equipments through an European engineering.
  • 1985: Aguilar y Salas begins to work with the petrochemical industry.
  • 1998: Aguilar y Salas opens a new plant in Les Franqueses del Vallès. 23.000 m2 (250000 sq ft) under roof. 10.000 m2 (105000 sq ft) of facilities.
  • 2004: Aguilar y Salas develops an specific production planning system: MDM (Manufacturing Database Management).
  • 2006: Aguilar y Salas starts up a new plant in Morocco. 5000 m2 (54000 sq ft) of facilities.
  • 2007: Construction of "Clean Area" with 1000 m2 (10500 sq ft) for special equipments.
  • 2010: Aguilar y Salas is studing to install a new plant with an strategical location.
  • 2013: At the end of 2013 the facilities in Porto de SUAPE (PE, Brazil) are fully operational.


Company Information:
Aguilar y Salas, s.a.
Pol. Industrial Pla de Llerona. c/ Irlanda, s/n.
08520 Les Franqueses del Vallés, Barcelona (Spain)
tel. +34 93 861 70 70
fax: +34 93 840 04 90

Tax code and registration to the commercial register:
Aguilar y Salas, s.a. | S.A. Registro Mercantil Barcelona (Spain), Tomo 991, Libro 486, Folio 49, Hoja 5312, Inscripción 2a | Entidad Jurídica A/08-102410

NIF: A-08/102410