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May 2023

Dear Customer,

Almost 4 years have passed since we acquired Aguilar y Salas production unit in July 2019.
GRUPO INOXTORRES has consolidated and fully integrated the companies as a Group
forming a team with over 150 professionals. We have tripled the turnover, exceeding 30
M€ in 2022.

Today, we continue reinforcing our commitment to increase the quality service level for
our target markets, including the acquisition of new 600 Sq.m facilities in Martorelles as
operating center for our divisions of:
– Piping Installation, Maintenance and After sales service.

And that comes in addition to the more than 24,000 Sq. m we have at our facilities in Les
Franqueses del Valles, which includes a production area with independent buildings where
we concentrate the Design and Manufacture of Pressure Equipment.

Our workshop is rigorously conceived to guarantee the quality of the processes and
material handling (stainless steel, special nickel-based alloys, titanium and others), avoiding
any type of cross contamination under the most demanding international quality
certifications, seals and accreditations such as; ISO, ASME, CODAP, SELO, EN, U, U2, etc.

Consequently, we have strengthened and renewed our Management Staff with a special
focus on key customer-oriented departments (quality, engineering and sales), so we will be
delighted to arrange a meeting with you to discuss how we can jointly develop value
proposals based on competitiveness, sustainability, quality and responsibility with the