Aguilar Salas Torres, s.l. Quality, Environmental and Safety and Health at Work Policy is committed to:

Design and manufacture the products – pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other welded constructions – complying with the requirements from our clients and other interested parties, the applicable laws and other requirements the organization subscribes to, which are related to quality, environmental management and health and safety at work.

Comply with the legislation in force on occupational health and safety, preventing harm and health deterioration of the workers.

Consider the nature, magnitude, and environmental impacts of the activities, products, and services.

Ensure communication and understanding with the staff and other people who work for the company. All staff members are encouraged to participate, and their suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Guarantee the collaboration of adequate and qualified personnel in the different areas of the organization, providing the necessary resources.

Promote participation, information, training, and consultation of all the staff members, including temporary and external workers performing any type of job in the company’s facilities, to maintain satisfactory prevention levels in the company.

Involve all company staff, including contractors and collaborators, in the development of the quality, environmental and health and safety management, to improve the workers’ environmental and working conditions.

Pretend the greater efficiency of the quality and environmental management system, and the behaviours and pollution prevention levels and occupational hazards so that their performance can also improve.

Serve as a frame of reference to establish and review quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety objectives.

Be documented, implemented, maintained, and made available to relevant stakeholders.