The AguilarSalasTorres, s.l. (AST) Code of Conduct sets out the fundamental principles and the company’s code of conduct, and outlines its respect towards equality, ethical values and human rights, as well as its commitment to their stakeholders (employees, partners, customers, suppliers,…) and its environment.

The company commits to always act in accordance with the current legislation of the countries it works with, rejecting any form of illegal activity and exploitation, including child labour. In addition, the company also agrees to comply with the society statutes and internal regulations. We deeply trust in each person to have in mind these commitments and consequently act in his daily activities

Commitment to stakeholders

AST understands that every person involved and present in the business relationships must follow moral standards, which are essential for doing a good job, which also add value to society.

With our employees

Every single employee of AST has been selected for their experience, attitude and skills. The company guarantees equal opportunities. It will not tolerate any form of discrimination, on grounds of age, religion, ethnic origin, sexual identity, race, political opinion, social origin or disability.

Individual merit will be recognized, always ensuring the common good, and aiming at implementing policies that develop a culture of respect and fellowship. A warm and friendly atmosphere will prevail, and the employee-manager relationship will be based on professionalism and collaboration.

Professional development and knowledge update training will be available for everyone.

AST puts the emphasis on health and safety at work. Consequently, it facilitates their employees the necessary tools to make it possible, and it also expects their competent use of the machinery, resources and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The company will not tolerate any form of abuse of power or physical and/or psychological harassment in the workplace. Human rights must be respected. The company recognizes freedom of association, trade unions and collective bargaining.

With our customers

AST business management seeks to offer long-term added value and is prepared to take responsibility for its actions. The company’s strongest commitment with its clients is their satisfaction. The company seeks excellence in the goods and services it manufactures and markets to create long-term relationships. This goal can only be achieved when the highest quality, effort and dedication to customer service is guaranteed.

We understand that customers differ from one another, therefore, we will provide exchange of opinions and experiences to ensure that the final product is what both parties want.

Follow-ups and personalized attention are the basis of our commitment. AST asks its customers to support these policies and they will also be encouraged to respect the ethical code described above.

With the market: suppliers and competition

Relationship with suppliers

Our business activities, in addition to being governed by economic and technical criteria, also consider ethical aspects such as honesty and integrity.

AST commits to only do business with suppliers which business compliances with law and respect human dignity in additional of human rights, labor’s conditions, preventing corruption and protecting environment

AST expects that its suppliers communicate and promote the aforementioned principles and requirements to their subcontractors and suppliers and also contemplate them during the selection process.

AST respects free competition, therefore, it will incorporate honesty and integrity, avoiding illegal or unethical practice to gain competitive advantage to outperform its competitors. Likewise, the company will report any unethical or illegal act committed by the competition to ensure fair play among the members of the sector and the market.

With the environment (environmental, media, public administrations, society)

We are aware that, as a company, we are part of an economic, social and environmental setting. We are committed to maintaining balance and constant collaboration with those conditions.

AST agrees to uphold the principle of political neutrality in order not to interfere with the views and sensitivities of the people involved in the company. Therefore, the company commits to act in a clear and transparent way with the Public Administration.

AST is committed to maximizing efficiency in the use of resources, as well as implementing the necessary preventive measures to reduce, as far as possible, the impact on the environment, and thus guarantee its sustainable development.

Finally, the media allow the company to offer transparent and real information. We do not disclose false or misleading information.

With our shareholders

The shareholders’ values design a company willing to have a medium- and long-term continuity, and not as a short-term source of wealth. The shareholders agree to meet their obligations with the company. Furthermore, they undertake to only use the company assets for legitimate business purposes.

Commitment to the organization

Use and protection of assets

AST workers will have all the necessary means and resources to perform their work, ensuring a responsible and efficient use. 

The equipment available to the employees must only be used to perform their professional activity.

Bribery and corruption

Bribery is the offering or receiving of gifts, either directly or indirectly, in order to influence the will of the people outside the company to gain an advantage or influence against the principles of honesty and integrity.

No sort of bribery will be tolerated by AST.


Under no circumstances must employees give or accept, directly or indirectly, bribes of any kind, in their relationship with either public or private entities. In addition, these practices will not be tolerated if used by other people or entities with AST employees.

The anti-bribery policy applies to third parties acting on behalf of AST.

Conflict of interest

Those activities or personal interests which are incompatible with those of the company, directly or indirectly, must be avoided.

Information processing and data protection

AST has all the necessary means to protect the personal data collected in relation to employees, customers and suppliers.

Information from the company’s computer systems, such as email and other Internet related systems, is AST property and must be used for commercial purposes of the company.

Those employees who, due to their position or responsibility within the company, have confidential information must keep it confidential and not disseminate it or communicate it to third parties.

Implementation and contact person

All AST employees, customers and suppliers may ask any questions regarding the Code of Conduct and must report, in good faith and without fear of reprisal, any procedures they observe in their professional performance that breach the Code, to their superior or Code of Ethics Commission representative to the following email address

Any communication with the Code of Ethics Commission will be dealt with confidentiality and in accordance with the Organic Law on Data Protection.